• St. Mathias Parish

    Spreading the good news of God to the people of Widikum
  • Catholic Women Association

    Wearing the life of the blessed Virgin Mary through lifestyle and example.
  • The New Church Project

    The Old church will be replaced by this new building by 2019
  • Sisters Servants of Mary

    Rev. Sisters from the St. Josephs Health Center Widikum
  • Psalm 304

    Sing praise to the LORD, you His godly ones, And give thanks to His holy name.

Welcome to St. Mathias Parish

Widikum Parish lies in Widikum and Batibo sub divisions in the Momo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. The population of Widikum sub division is about 30,000 people and it is inhabited largely by the peoples of Ambelle, Menka, Bussam and Widikum clan.

Geographically, the Widikum subdivision is dominated by palm trees. It also has hard wood timber and some patches of wooded savanna especially in the Menka area. The land surface is hilly with difficult terrain and covers a surface area of 339.88 sq km. Because of the hilly terrain, travel is extremely difficult and challenging.

This has caused many of its people, mostly peasant farmers, to migrate to other parts of the country, especially to the South West Region. Those who haven’t migrated are engaged in subsistence farming activities. These include the production of palm oil, coco-yams and plantains using very rudimentary traditional methods. Petite trading sustains a few families.

Our Mission

  • St Mathias Parish - Widikum

    In St Mathias Parish our mission is to spread the faith to families by striving to live the faith through spiritual programs. In this way, we take the liturgy of the mass seriously and encourage our members to join church groups. Church members are encouraged to belong to a Small Christian Community (SCC), a church group and a Prayer Group

  • Our Priests and Catechists

    • Fr. Marcel Emeribe (Parish Priest)

    • Fr. Bartholomew Oti, Curate. Father Bartholomew attends to the Christians of the fourteen Outstations
    • The above two Pallotine Priests took over the running of the St. Mathias Parish on 16th August 2013 and are the only two from their order in the archdiocese.

    • Fr. Gilbert Fuka (not a Pallotine Father). Principal of St. Benedict Comprehensive High School

    We have fifteen catechists; fourteen of them serve in each of the fourteen Outstations. The main parish church has one full time catechist. He is assisted by Ma Julie Atah, the only lady catechist (retired). Catechists of the mother church perform the duties of office clerk as well as the laundry of the holy vessels and priests’ vestments.

    Catechists at our 0ut Stations work only on Sundays and on weekdays when they have to prepare catechumens for baptism and for the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation. There aren’t enough funds to hire full time catechists.

  • Mission Stations

    We have fourteen missionary stations: Bifang, Echenbuji, Ambombo, Eka, Dinku, Oche, Olorunti, Egbeachu, Big Ambelle, Barambichang I, Barambichang II, Abeduh, Tiben Up, Tiben Down.

  • Mass program

    Daily masses:
    Monday to Saturday.
    Time: 6.30 am
    Where: Main mission and at the Convent of the Sisters Servants of Mary.

    We have four masses
    Mass Times: 7 am and 9 am
    Where: Masses held at four mission stations; some masses are held in classrooms

  • Events of the Pastoral Year

    The Archdiocese sets up the Calendar year. This year we have had the:

    • Opening of the Year of Mercy
    • Mass for the Cadets
    • Celebration of Consecrated Life
    • Ordinations of Priests
    • Hosting of the Youth Deanery : Widikum Parish is home of the Seat of the Deanery comprising the Parishes of Njindom, Mbengwi, Bali, Batibo and Teze-Ngie. The tradition of the Archdiocese is that the oldest Parish in a given set of Parishes becomes the Seat.

  • Events

    • Catholic Education Week
    • Marriage anniversaries
    • Death and Birthday celebrations

  • Feast Days

    • Lent
    • Advent
    • Christmas
    • Ordinary time

  • Sacraments

    • Baptism
    • Holy Eucharist
    • Reconciliation
    • Confirmation
    • Matrimony
    • Anointing order

  • July, 19

    St Mathias Parish – Widikum

    The St. Mathias Parish – Wiwidkum falls under the The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bamenda. This is the Metropolitan See of the

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