A Brief History

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Anong Mba from Abegum village, Widikum, returned from Fernando Po where he served a German Military Officer, Captain Hauptman. While there, he studied the Catholic doctrine and was baptized.

When he returned to his native land, Abegum village, he organized doctrine classes as well as an adult literacy center in order to teach his fellow villagers how to read and write. The natives needed to learn how to read in European language so as to understand the church doctrine.

In the twenties, the little church in Widikum became an Out Station of Shisong Parish, and then of Njinikom Parish and in 1933, it became an Outstation of Okoyong Parish until 1951 when it became a Parish under the Buea Diocese.

Fr. Leonard van Son was appointed as the first priest of the newly created parish. Before becoming a parish, in 1946, two village and neighboring chiefs, Ofon Njang of Boffe and Ofon Nicholas Inka (spelt Dinka) of Abegum jointly donated the present plot where the Parish is located.

In 1970, the Parish had 25 Mission Stations and was transferred from the Buea to the Bamenda Diocese, (P.91), “A Concise Century History, Archdiocese of Bamenda”.

Today, there is a quasi-Parish in Menka, carved out of Widikum Parish