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St. Mathias Catholic Nursery School

In the early thirties, Catechist Mathias Anong, together with Fon Nicholas Inka, applied to the Bishop of Buea and were granted a primary school. This became the only school that served all catholic Christian children of all the clans in Widikum, Batibo, Ngie and Numba.

Catholic Nursery School Widikum

Catholic Nursery School Widikum

Today, the Parish has two nursery schools; one is in Widikum and the other in Bifang. Our Christians are encouraged to send their children to these schools so they can begin receiving religious education in good hands. However, paying tuition is a problem.

We have established ways to help parents save money so as to ease the burden of paying the small amounts of less than $US 2000 per annum charged for lunch breaks.

This amount is grossly insufficient to cover running costs but through the sacrifices of men of goodwill, including out teachers, we are able to provide the best education for what we’ve been blessed to have and to continue teaching God’s Word to our children


St. Mathias Catholic Primary School

We have three primary schools in Widikum, Bifang and Ambombo. The underlying reason for the schools is to give children a Catholic Church upbringing. This is important for the parents and the children. In spite of far higher tuition costs in our schools than in government owned and run schools, our parishioners see the need for a catholic upbringing and education.

Our quality and standards are quite high, so many of the parents of our parish find ways of paying the CFA 10,000 or $US 20.00 per year tuition rather than send the CFA 2,000 francs or $US 4.00 paid in government schools.

Our children are well known for the good performances obtained at end of year examinations. Our performances don’t end in classrooms. We perform extremely well in cultural and sporting activities. we collaborate with the state of Cameroon

Teaching begins at the Nursery School level and by the end of the eighth year when the children have to graduate from primary school they all receive First Holy Communion. It is understood that during this period, the children understand the Catholic faith, the basics of the Hoy Bible and the scriptures.

The CWA is the largest single church group in our parish and the most involved in all activities of the Church as a whole, and of the Parish.

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