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New Church building

The ageing church was constructed some 66 years ago, to serve 2,000. It is not only dilapidated but has become too small to serve a burgeoning Christian community. That is why the Christians of the St. Mathias Parish began to construct a new church to accommodate the increasing number of church goers.

Unfortunately, the only revenue source from these Christians comes from the sale of palm oil, a source far short of contributing to the estimated CFA 116,000,000 ($192,430 USD) new church building.

Funding has so far come from church members in the form of free labor, contributions from friends and family and from the support of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Bamenda. All the support received has resulted in the construction of the framework of the new church up to the roofing level. At this level, two of five phases of the new church project have been covered.

To date, though the foundations, the church building awaits the roofing.

New Church Project Support:
Chancellor and Archbishop’s Secretary
Rev. Fr. Michael Miabesue Bibi
Telephone: (+237) 677 432 810
(Personnel, Notary and Projects)

Financial Secretary
Rev. Fr. Cletus Achu Amah
Telephone: (+237) 675 103 543

Director of Communications
Rev. Fr. Tatah Humphrey Mbuy
Telephone: (+237) 676 232 188

ACCOUNT: Opus Securititas Cooperative Union, Account St. Mathias Parish, Widikum Accct. No.= 100008
St. Benedict Comprehensive College
Address: PO Box 2, Widikum, Momo Division, NW Region, Cameroon

Principal: Rev. Fr. Gilbert Fuka
Telephone (+237) 679 934 336

Vice Principal: Mr. Vincent Lyonga
Telephone (+237) 693 927 450

Mr. Aneurin Mbuge, Divisional Officer, Widikum, Republic of Cameroon for State of Cameroon