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St. Benedict’s Comprehensive College (SABECC)

SABECC is the lone high school in Widikum, established in 2009. Today, Fr Michael Mua heads the school. Two batches have graduated from SABECC and scored 100% and 97.5% respectively at the GCE Ordinary Level examinations.

SABECC is run by Archdiocese of Bamenda.

Enrolment stands at 350 of which 200 are girls and 150 boys.

As a catholic school, St. Benedict follows the philosophy and the foundation attributes common to all educational institutions, those of providing intellectual, moral, spiritual and physical formation of the students.

The school administration mission is to build and inculcate in St. Benedict College, a tradition of well behaved students and to see them become moral giants in the society.

Although a young college, St. Benedict College has stood pound for pound with the giants of educational establishments in Cameroon by virtue of what the school has demonstrated in academics, sports, moral standards and physical attainments.

St. Benedict goes a little further in that it is not just preparing children to achieve high academic performances but that its students are able to fit into tomorrow’s world and its challenges.

For all the glory, there are many unfulfilled needs. As a young school, St. Benedict needs the following:

  • More classrooms
  • A staff quarter on campus
  • Principal’s House on campus
  • A school bus
  • A Church for 1,000 worshippers
  • Sports facilities (handball, football, tennis, indoor games facility etc
  • A bigger laboratory
  • A library
  • A modern kitchen
  • An administrative block including a Staff Rooms


No. of teaching staff: 35

No. of auxiliary staff: 08

Administrative Staff: 05

School fees

SABECC students are required to pay fees, which are moderate and can be paid in instalments or in kind. The School has accepted farm produce and wood to compensate for poorer students who cannot afford the school fees.


Proprietor: Mgr. Cornelius Fontem Esua

Assisted By: Board of Governors, Education Secretary, Finance Secretary

Write to:,

Address: PO Box 2, Widikum, Momo Division, NW Region, Cameroon

Principal: Fr. Michael Mua Telephone: 677 696 714

Vice Principal: Mr. Vincent Lyonga: Telephone 677 86 63 64 OR 693 92 74 50


Collaboration: Divisional Officer, Widikum, Republic of Cameroon for State subventions